Ways to Live your Life

Plurality is a blessing and a curse of the 21st century. We are blessed with the opportunity to choose from a variety of accepted life concepts or even create our own, and we are cursed because we are left alone with this decision, lost and confused in the ocean of possibilities and chances. It’s your choice: Do you want a fancy city apartment with you partner or buy a house in the countryside where you will raise the kids you’ll eventually have? Do you prefer living by yourself or with flatmates that can either be annoying or even replace the traditional family? Or maybe you prefer making the globe your home and live the life of a modern nomad?

First of all I have bad news for you: even though I’m here to help, I can’t make the decision for you. Which life concept you choose and how you design it is still up to you. But here I will present some of this century’s common and uncommon ways to live; where you can live, who you could live with and how this influences the way you work, the way you see the world, the way you actually live your life.

If you live in a way that you think is worth sharing, please contact me! I will be glad to tell people about your lifestyle on this page.



Sharing an apartment or house with non-related people is becoming more and more common. Some do it just to save money, some to live with friends and for some people it’s even a lifestyle that they prefer to more traditional concepts such as living only with the partner and kids. Here you find interesting facts about flatshares and tipps that help you to avoid trouble and find the type of flatshare that suits you.

Living By Yourself

More and more people prefer living alone to enjoy the tranquility and privacy of an apartment just for themselves. Read here about the advantages and disadvantages – and if living by yourself necessarily makes you lonely.