Ways to See the World

Planet Earth has become a village  – that’s one of the most significant consequences of globalization. For most western people it’s easy to leave their home and explore the global village. And there are many ways to see the world: a weekend trip to a hip city, an adventurous backpacking trip, Work & Travel, language courses, a job abroad… the list is endless and it’s sometimes hard to find your way through the jungle of information. Here I’d like to help you with some useful information about the most common ways to explore the world. Yes, I’m avoiding the term “travelling” because especially when you choose to stay in another country for longer than a short holiday, you will find out that this is more than travelling. Because exploring the world changes the way you actually see the world. And travel concepts become life concepts, ways to see the world become ways to live your life.

If you traveled in an interesting or exciting way, feel free to contact me as I am happy to share your experience here.

Language Holidays

Learning a language and getting to know a new culture while being on holiday? This is possible with language holidays. Here you learn more about the advantages of language holidays and how to choose the duration and accomodation.

Studying Abroad

Here you get some useful information about how to integrate some international experience into your academic career.