Lonesome Voyagers: 6 Reasons Why You Should Travel By Yourself Some Time

Lonesome voyager
Traveling alone not only brings you closer to yourself, but also to everything around you.

You find them in hostel lobbies, museums, hiking trails and coffee shops, reading books, writing in diaries or following the GPS on their phone: People who are on holiday by themselves. I’ve done it as well, many times, and I never regretted it. Although my social environment is one of the most important things in my life and I love traveling with friends or family, I always experienced true personal and spiritual growth when I traveled by myself.

Here are 6 good reasons why you should try it out:
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Be a Celebrator: The Way Is the Aim

The Way is the Aim
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Birth, school, work, death? As the Godfathers already asserted in their song from the 80s, it would be quite sad if this was all we could expect from life. But on the other hand, what are our goals? Have wife, kids and dog and a nice house in the suburbs? Become rich and famous? See the world? Or, if possible, all of this? But what, if we achieved this? Would that mean that all pursuit of happiness will be gone because we will be happy? Certainly not. Because I believe that we don’t need the one and only goal that we are aiming for and once we reach it our lives are complete. Continue reading “Be a Celebrator: The Way Is the Aim”