Why Long-Term Travelling Is Not For Everyone

Koh Tao, Thailand
Bon Voyage! Unfortunately, the enthusiasm at the beginning of a trip doesn’t always last forever.

I’m just back from more than three months in Asia – three months of hostels and wooden bungalows, airports and busses, beaches and cities, adventure and exhaustion. I am grateful for the experience I had and glad that I have done it. However, I had to learn that long-term travelling is not for everyone, as I sometimes struggled with feelings of uneasiness that I had not expected when I planned this trip, which was my longest so far. I don’t want to sound like I’m whining – life is not always just rainbows and unicorns, and when you make travelling your lifestyle, it isn’t neither. I know many people who went for longer and crazier trips than I did without experiencing the down sides or getting tired of it. However, here I’d like to tell you for which “downsides” you should be prepared when you go long-term travelling. Continue reading “Why Long-Term Travelling Is Not For Everyone”