My work has been featured in the following publications:


Travelicious Australia: “Dublin: In the Footsteps of James Joyce”: Find out why James Joyce’s novel Ulysses is the ideal travel guide to explore Dublin and its surroundings.

Travelicious Australia: “7 Cool Things To Do In Augsburg, Germany”: You’re travelling to South Germany and want to experience something beside the common tourist spots or you’re going to work or study in Augsburg? Find out how to have fun in this pretty little city.

writers.agency: “How To Freelance While Traveling The World”: I share my experience about how to stay productive when being a digital nomad.


Geistis Go Professional: This is the project I currently focus on. It’s a career consulting website providing tips and entertainment for people who study humanities or recently graduated in literature, cultural studies, philosophy, history or a comparable field.

asanayoga.de: “Yoga Wissen: Wie gut kennst du dich im Yoga aus?”: Quiz to test your knowledge about yoga.

Edition F: “Ja, ich gehöre zu den nervigen Yoga-Menschen – denn dieser Sport hat mich verändert”: This is a report about the physical and psychological changes I experienced when I started to practise yoga.

schuelerbarometer.de: “ERASMUS in Sevilla”: Article about my semester abroad in Seville, Spain

Various articles in the student magazine Das Skript

Visit Erleuchtung und Enttäuschung, my blog about the meaning(lessness) of life