We Are Berlin, We Are Aleppo and Whatever We Are – We Are One!

Brandenburger Tor
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It’s the 20th December 2016, the morning after the incident that probably has been the first successful terror attack in Germany. I wouldn’t consider myself as a political person and I never ever meant to publish a political post on this blog, but today I feel like this is the only appropriate thing to do.

I left Berlin only a few days before to spend some quiet pre-Christmas days in my family house at Lake Constance, reading, relaxing, spending time with my parents and creating content for this blog to make this website meet my own high expectations as soon as possible. But this morning it feels wrong just to continue writing about all this nice and cheerful things like how to design your life when you’re one of the blessed people like me that haven’t been confronted with war and terror yet. People that live in the luxury of being concerned with topics such as finding happiness and going on holiday. And although horrible things happened in the world all year long, it finally had to hit my own country until I woke up feeling like I couldn’t follow my daily routine as I would have on any other day.

I know, I should’ve felt, done and said all this long before. And yes, what was happening in the world in the last years did affect me, made me thoughtful and sad, made me cry sometimes – and still I shut it all out and kept following my daily routine escaping in the peaceful microcosm of being unpolitical, sometimes following hedonistic fun or escaping, sometimes looking inside instead of outside by practicing yoga and meditation. But it’s impossible to shut it all out when I see my friends marking themselves as “safe” on Facebook and I’m even getting messages asking if I’m okay because I have still been in Berlin a few days ago and some friends weren’t sure whether I was still there.

Growing up in a country that is living in peace for many decades now, but now becoming more and more involved in the most important issues the world faces these days, I was actually not wondering if this kind of attack would happen, but just when and how, and especially how I would hear about it. What happened yesterday in Berlin feels like the seal was broken. Even in my country that I believed to be one of the safest in the world terror attacks can happen. But what I’m even more worried about are the people’s reactions; xenophobia and racism arising everywhere in the world these days, even in Germany, a country that should’ve learned from its past where such things can get us. And xenophobia will trigger more terrorism. The vicious circle is complete.

Excuse my lack of knowledge, I was never really good at understanding the correlations within politics. Yes, I do read news every day, but my understanding about how politics really work stops at a very superficial level. Maybe because I don’t really get that ferocity, greed and the ability of willingly harming people actually exist – I mean I know that it exists, but I don’t understand it because as far as I know myself I am not capable of such feelings. And what I see now is nothing but karma, the principle of cause and effect – I see hate producing more hate and don’t understand why the people who are responsible don’t see it.

You don’t have to be a Buddhist to understand that each action will have a reaction, so when a hateful action has a hateful reaction, more hateful actions will follow. And you also don’t have to be Jesus nor Buddha or whoever to understand that there is no separation between “we” and “them” as we all belong in the cradle of humankind. And it’s not the Syrian refugees’ fault, who came to Germany in search of shelter just to find more hate and violence here. It’s the spark of hate that all of us carry in our hearts that makes people capable of doing what they are doing in many parts of the world these days. I don’t know how to stop it, but I know how not to stop it. By hating, segregating and discriminating. It’s not our fault that we got where we are, but if we keep hating, it will be our fault when the world stays like this or gets worse. Sure, we should do what we can, help where we can, but first of all: every single one of us should be the change he or she wants to see it the world.

People who think in a more practical way may now say that I didn’t understand all this and that all that the love and peace shit that I’m talking is not a solution. That’s right. I don’t have a solution. But these people didn’t understand it either and they don’t have a solution either. And xenophobia, racism, radicalism and hate are definitely not a solution.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope some day you will join us and the world will be one.”
– John Lennon –

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