The Stars You Don’t See: How to Handle Long-Distance Friendships

Bunch of People
Friends are like stars. Only because you can’t always see them, it doesn’t mean they’re not there.

When moving abroad, going to travel for a long time or becoming a so-called “digital nomad”, people worry a lot about how to keep the relationship with their boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife going. But what in my opinion is not talked about sufficiently are the long-distance friendships that result from this lifestyle. Keeping these going requires a completely different approach, as friendships work differently than romantic relationships. Cultivating long-distance friendships is easier and harder at the same time and also requires some of your time and effort – but the rewards of a well-working long-distance friendship are overwhelmingly awesome. Continue reading “The Stars You Don’t See: How to Handle Long-Distance Friendships”

Everywhere’s my Home: Things that Help when You’re Homesick

My home is everywhere
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When you travel or move to a new place, at first everything is great and exciting – new surroundings, new people, new love of life. And suddenly it happens: A dark cloud casts a shadow on your sunny mind that makes you feel sad, weak and weary. Being homesick is nothing to be ashamed of though. Nearly everyone who travels or moves a lot experiences this feeling once in a while. Although, in my opinion, it’s an intense feeling you should embrace to draw strength and creativity from, there are some possibilities to make it a little more bearable. Continue reading “Everywhere’s my Home: Things that Help when You’re Homesick”

Semester Abroad – How to Make Most of It

Sevilla University
Gateway to the world? Seville University is very popular with exchange students

The lovely French movie “L’auberge espagnole” showed the life changing power of a semester abroad. Nowadays this opportunity, that is made possible by scholarships such as ERASMUS, becomes more and more common for college students. Studying in another country for one or two semesters is definitely an experience that will broaden your horizon and also be a lot of fun. These are the tips I can share with you after spending six months wonderful with ERASMS in Seville, Spain. Continue reading “Semester Abroad – How to Make Most of It”

How to Fit Everything You Need in Small Luggage

Travel luggage
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No matter if you’re planning a weekend trip, a long journey or even moving abroad – while traveling your luggage is your wardrobe, your bathroom cabinet and your secret little drawer at the same time.

But heavy luggage is a pain in the ass on any kind of trip. And sometimes you might have to fit everything you need for one week in a hand luggage sized bag or even everything you need for one year in one big suitcase. These are the artifices I adopted to save weight and space and still be prepared for all occasions. Continue reading “How to Fit Everything You Need in Small Luggage”