Why Long-Term Travelling Is Not For Everyone

Koh Tao, Thailand
Bon Voyage! Unfortunately, the enthusiasm at the beginning of a trip doesn’t always last forever.

I’m just back from more than three months in Asia – three months of hostels and wooden bungalows, airports and busses, beaches and cities, adventure and exhaustion. I am grateful for the experience I had and glad that I have done it. However, I had to learn that long-term travelling is not for everyone, as I sometimes struggled with feelings of uneasiness that I had not expected when I planned this trip, which was my longest so far. I don’t want to sound like I’m whining – life is not always just rainbows and unicorns, and when you make travelling your lifestyle, it isn’t neither. I know many people who went for longer and crazier trips than I did without experiencing the down sides or getting tired of it. However, here I’d like to tell you for which “downsides” you should be prepared when you go long-term travelling. Continue reading “Why Long-Term Travelling Is Not For Everyone”

Grow Like a Lobster: The Different Stages of Moving to a New City

© Erik Junberger @ flickr

By now, I have already lived in quite a few different cities – which means I already left quite a few places to start all over again. Although it gets slightly easier with time and maturity, moving to a new city is always a mental and emotional challenge. You have to organize even banal things in your daily life again and things that were taken for granted before might not be that easy anymore. However, the hardest part is that leaving a city you usually leave a lot of people, places, things that you love behind. Of course, the process of settling down in a new city is always a very personal experience and not everyone goes through the same emotions. However, these are the different stages I usually experience – continue reading to find out what this has to do with the growth of lobsters. Continue reading “Grow Like a Lobster: The Different Stages of Moving to a New City”

Lonesome Voyagers: 6 Reasons Why You Should Travel By Yourself Some Time

Lonesome voyager
Traveling alone not only brings you closer to yourself, but also to everything around you.

You find them in hostel lobbies, museums, hiking trails and coffee shops, reading books, writing in diaries or following the GPS on their phone: People who are on holiday by themselves. I’ve done it as well, many times, and I never regretted it. Although my social environment is one of the most important things in my life and I love traveling with friends or family, I always experienced true personal and spiritual growth when I traveled by myself.

Here are 6 good reasons why you should try it out:
Continue reading “Lonesome Voyagers: 6 Reasons Why You Should Travel By Yourself Some Time”

We Are Berlin, We Are Aleppo and Whatever We Are – We Are One!

Brandenburger Tor
© Rodrigo Paredes @ flickr

It’s the 20th December 2016, the morning after the incident that probably has been the first successful terror attack in Germany. I wouldn’t consider myself as a political person and I never ever meant to publish a political post on this blog, but today I feel like this is the only appropriate thing to do. Continue reading “We Are Berlin, We Are Aleppo and Whatever We Are – We Are One!”

The Stars You Don’t See: How to Handle Long-Distance Friendships

Bunch of People
Friends are like stars. Only because you can’t always see them, it doesn’t mean they’re not there.

When moving abroad, going to travel for a long time or becoming a so-called “digital nomad”, people worry a lot about how to keep the relationship with their boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife going. But what in my opinion is not talked about sufficiently are the long-distance friendships that result from this lifestyle. Keeping these going requires a completely different approach, as friendships work differently than romantic relationships. Cultivating long-distance friendships is easier and harder at the same time and also requires some of your time and effort – but the rewards of a well-working long-distance friendship are overwhelmingly awesome. Continue reading “The Stars You Don’t See: How to Handle Long-Distance Friendships”

Semester Abroad – How to Make Most of It

Sevilla University
Gateway to the world? Seville University is very popular with exchange students

The lovely French movie “L’auberge espagnole” showed the life changing power of a semester abroad. Nowadays this opportunity, that is made possible by scholarships such as ERASMUS, becomes more and more common for college students. Studying in another country for one or two semesters is definitely an experience that will broaden your horizon and also be a lot of fun. These are the tips I can share with you after spending six months wonderful with ERASMS in Seville, Spain. Continue reading “Semester Abroad – How to Make Most of It”

Be a Celebrator: The Way Is the Aim

The Way is the Aim
© Mark Stevens @ flickr

Birth, school, work, death? As the Godfathers already asserted in their song from the 80s, it would be quite sad if this was all we could expect from life. But on the other hand, what are our goals? Have wife, kids and dog and a nice house in the suburbs? Become rich and famous? See the world? Or, if possible, all of this? But what, if we achieved this? Would that mean that all pursuit of happiness will be gone because we will be happy? Certainly not. Because I believe that we don’t need the one and only goal that we are aiming for and once we reach it our lives are complete. Continue reading “Be a Celebrator: The Way Is the Aim”